Having an efficient furnace, heat pump, or water heater doesn't do much good if the accompanying infrastructure is in poor condition. Unfortunately, this is something we encounter all too often - top of the line mechanical equipment attached to poorly installed systems. reNew Home specializes in diagnosing and improving these systems with a variety of services:

  • Duct Sealing, Balancing, and Insulation  
  • Water Pipe Insulation
  • Low Flow Water Fixtures


Almost any remodeler can produce visually stunning results. With building science at our core, reNew Home ensures that best practices for efficiency, thermal comfort, moisture management, and indoor air quality underlie the finishes.

If you are planning a remodeling or renovation project,we want to be involved! Whether we implement your project in-house or work with your contractor and trades, working with reNew Home will improve the value proposition and help ensure the improvements provide lasting satisfaction and great livability for years to come. 



Cellulose is a fiber insulation manufactured from recycled newspaper and treated with fire retardant. We like cellulose for its low environmental impact, low health risks to installers and occupants, and superior draft reduction and moisture management compared with fiberglass. Using a variety of installation techniques, we insulate ceilings, walls, and floors with cellulose:

Loose Fill Cellulose is commonly installed in traditional attics. It offers superior results compared with fiberglass batts because its loose fiber structure allows it to fill small and irregular areas that are very time-consuming or impossible to insulate properly with fiberglass batts.

Netted Cellulose is a method of installing cellulose in ceilings, walls, and floors before drywall is installed. Netted cellulose offers an excellent alternative to fiberglass batts, at a comparable price. Netted cellulose is easier to install well than fiberglass batts, since it fills around pipes, wires, and other obstructions that require cutting fiberglass batts. Netted cellulose also offers moderate air leakage reduction capability, whereas fiberglass batts offer almost none.

Dense Pack (Drill and Fill) Cellulose is commonly installed in closed wall and floor cavities. By drilling small holes between each stud and inserting a tube, we are able to add insulation without tearing out drywall or plaster. In addition to facilitating easy installation of insulation into empty cavities, the dense-packing prevents settling and greatly reduces air leakage and noise transmission through the assemblies where it is installed.

We specialize in cellulose insulation, but we also offer installation of fiberglass insulation and polyisocyanurate foam board insulation. 



Insulation is an integral part of constructing or renovating a comfortable, efficient, and durable home. Unfortunately, this critical trade is paid little due by many builders, remodelers, and even building inspectors! If not installed to Grade I (99.5% perfect) standard, insulation will not work as intended, causing discomfort in summer and winter, excessive energy use, high utility bills, and condensation in building assemblies.

Insulation is only half the equation when it comes to a thermally efficient enclosure to protect from the elements. Insulation, even if perfectly installed, only does its job in tandem with an effective air barrier, to prevent heated and cooled air from leaking out of the home through drafty areas. Most insulation contractors don't complete air leakage control improvements as part of their standard process.

reNew Home proudly installs Grade I insulation and ensures the insulation is optimized with an effective air barrier. Every job, every time.