Whether you are planning to build a new home or renovate an existing home, an ounce of planning can be worth a pound of value when it comes to incorporating performance and efficiency into your project. Improvements related to moisture, draftiness, insulation, heating/cooling, and water efficiency are most effective and least costly when completed during initial construction or during a major renovation. In fact, many high performance designs specify smaller mechanical equipment or less material-intensive techniques, which can actually lower project costs.

Whether you are a homeowner or a construction professional, contact reNew Home during the planning phase of your project to discuss opportunities to dramatically improve the performance of the finished product while keeping the cost basis neutral or even positive


The best way to find out how to improve the performance and livability of your existing home is to undergo a Whole Home Performance Assessment, similar in concept to an energy audit. Our assessments include:

  • Stakeholder interview (owners, occupants, contractor, etc.)
  • Energy Consumption Analysis using your utility data
  • Visual inspection of exterior, living space, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and garages
  • Visual inspection of insulation, doors, and windows
  • Visual inspection of mechanical systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water)
  • Rough floorplan design sketch for dimensions, and for the consideration of design modifications
  • Blower Door Test to quantify draftiness, locate weak points in the building's airtightness, and assess ventilation needs
  • Duct Blaster Test of all duct systems to quantify draftiness and locate points of leakage
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Test to ensure that gas lines and gas appliances are safe (or find out they aren't!) and evaluate the need for design modification
  • Written report detailing results, recommendations, and project proposals. Includes copious amounts of photos.
  • Follow-up meeting with stakeholders (owners, occupants, contractor, etc.) to discuss results of the assessment and recommendations for the home

​Whole Home Performance Assessments start at as little as $299, and vary in price based on the size and complexity of the bulding. 

Institutional projects

If your firm or institution needs project management or implementation for projects related to building science or building performance, reNew Home offers scalable, turnkey solutions. Our breadth of experience includes a wide range of activities related to providing program design, residential energy audits, compliance planning and inspection, workforce training, and retrofits in bulk for public utility programs, public and private institutions, and government agencies

reNew Home has partnered with Appalachian State University, the US Department of Energy,  Community Housing Partners Energy Solutions, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, Councils of Government, and others.

HVAC Commissioning

​Building codes require all new central heating and cooling systems to be tested for airtightness - leaky ducts waste energy, harm indoor air quality, and can cause moisture and safety problems. Unfortunately, these codes aren't always enforced, especially when new systems are installed in existing homes.

Whether you are a general contractor in need of code compliance documentation, a homeowner who wants to make sure the job is done properly, or a HVAC contractor seeking quality assurance, contact reNew Home prior to starting work on your heating and cooling system.

new home Certification

reNew Home provides certification of new homes under the following programs:

Certified homes provide value to builders and homeowners in a number of ways. Studies have shown that ENERGY STAR certified homes command higher selling and rental prices and cost less to operate. In addition, the quality assurance of having energy performance verified by a third party helps to ensure the home will be more durable, provide better indoor air quality for healthier living, and prevent problems that contribute to high humidity and poor thermal comfort (feeling too hot or cold)