attic insulation and draft sealing

This customer is working toward making her summer cottage ready for year-round living and vacation rentals. One of the first steps to help her stay warm and afford her heating costs was to seal up all the areas where inside air could leak into the attic, then blanket the attic with cellulose (recycled newpaper) insulation. The following points are key to the success of this (and most) insulation jobs:

  • Seal all sources of potential air leakage with expanding foam, caulk, and/or rigid foam board
  • Ensure all attic ventilation is functional and will not disturb the new insulation
  • Ensure exhaust fans are ducted to the outside of the home
  • Install new insulation to the correct depth and in a uniform fashion

Log cabin remodel

reNew Home worked as a subcontractor on the remodel of this log cabin. The overall project included remodeling a kitchen and two bathrooms, finishing a basement, a deck addition, and the installation of a high efficiency electric heat pump heating and cooling system. Reclaimed wood was used for all newly built wall coverings and architectural details. reNew Home's specific roles in this project included:

  • Installation of kitchen cabinetry
  • Rough carpentry and insulation of basement buildout
  • Installation of selected fixtures in bathrooms
  • Finish work in basement and living area
  • Deck


This basement is the lower unit in a duplex. Due to poor drainage and waterproofing, as well as a lack of insulation, this unit suffered mildew, rot, and delamination of wall surfaces, rendering it uninhabitable. reNew Home performed a gut renovation of this basement to address the underlying moisture issues, improve the unit's thermal efficiency, and make the unit more livable than ever before. From start to finish, this project included:

  • Demolition of all ceilings, floors, exterior walls, cabinetry, and fixtures. Some interior walls were saved
  • Waterproofing of concrete block foundation walls
  • Installation of gutters to reduce moisture around foundation exterior
  • Foundation Grading (minor)
  • Airtight, vapor impermeable rigid foam board insulation installed as to eliminate thermal bridging and achieve maximum performance
  • Air gap sealing using caulk and foam
  • Install new drywall on all exterior and most interior walls
  • Install new dropped ceiling
  • Install vapor barrier above slab
  • Install new flooring throughout unit
  • Replace cabinetry and fixtures. Kitchen cabintery and bathtub/shower were reused. All other cabinetry and fixtures are reclaimed!