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We improve your home’s performance by using synergistic approaches to home construction and renovation.

Serving Homeowners and Home Builders in the North Carolina High Country


Our services address four key problem areas

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Thermal Discomfort

Thermal Discomfort


Moisture Problems

Air Quality

Air Quality



Your home’s systems are interconnected.

Poor performance in one area will cause problems in another. Sometimes these problems go unseen.


Is your home performing?

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Home Performance Contractors: The Missing Link

Tradespeople in the HVAC, insulation, or roofing industries are very knowledgeable in installing and repairing specific products; however, they may be less skilled in understanding how their products interact with other building components. reNew Home specializes in identifying and understanding how different systems and assemblies work together.


We want to understand your home
and how it’s being used.

We collect data on your home's current systems, and most importantly, we get to know YOU - the home's occupants. We tailor solutions to the people who live in the home because schedules, routines, and even allergies can shift the balance of favor from one approach to another. If you’re considering home improvements, or have a problem that never seems to get solved, make us your next call!


Home Performance Assessment

This in-depth report will demonstrate how your home’s performance problems can be approached and solved for the long-term.