sustainable construction specialist

Meet John Kidda


Owner and Operator of reNew Home, Inc.

I’m passionate about the science involved in improving your home’s performance, and ensuring your future home construction or renovation project will provide long-lasting durability and livability. I became involved with building science and green building when graduating college in 2008 because it was closely related to my major, sustainable development. I had great experiences with a firm in the Bay Area that specialized in home performance remodeling (insulation/air leakage, HVAC, water heaters, windows, solar PV), but felt the quality of our projects couldn’t reach the standards I desired.

We returned to Boone, NC when my wife won a scholarship to start grad school at Appalachian State University. I began doing general construction on a subcontractor basis, and in 2013, I incorporated reNew Home. As a business owner, I have the authority to ensure that the products used for any project meet my standards for quality.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of free time fixing up my own existing house. My wife and I have both enjoyed rock climbing for years and we have traveled all over the place to camp out and rock climb, especially during the summer when my wife is off work. I’m strangely obsessive about waste in my personal life and try to avoid throwaway items and unnecessary packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions about John and reNew Home


What makes you an expert?

I have a decade of experience in the industry in a variety of settings. I think the thing about my experience that is most unique is that I have both the technical and practical knowledge. Not only do I carry the technical certifications (in fact, I used to train and write curriculum for these certifications), I’m also the one doing the work. That is very uncommon.


What makes your services unique?

In my previous employment with a large company, I witnessed how corporate infrastructure could hamper quality and profitability. It seemed to be more difficult to hire more highly trained and qualified crew leaders. This was a big influence on me. I’ve come to believe that in this particular industry, especially while my corner remains niche, the owner-operator model is the ideal size. I’m able to minimize overhead and maximize the expertise on the project.


What motivates you to offer quality services?

When I worked for others, I noticed a lot of companies and sub-contractors paid very little attention to the bigger picture. I was also disappointed by the lack of workmanship in many of the details. Having a clear understanding of how a home’s systems are interconnected enables me to offer long-lasting, almost future-proof solutions to your home’s performance problems.