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Consultation Services

Start with a
Home Performance Assessment


Similar to an energy audit, a Home Performance Assessment is the best way to find out how to improve the performance and livability of your existing home.

Ideal if you’ve noticed:

  • parts of your home are too hot or too cold

  • moisture problems like mold and mildew

  • poor air quality

  • high energy bills


New Home Certification


Certifications include:

  • Energy Star

  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

  • Home Energy Score

Services also include:

  • Code compliance

  • Blower door tests

  • Duct leakage tests

  • Quality Assurance Testing


Design Consulting


Careful planning before you begin to build a new home or renovate an existing home can save you thousands of dollars in the long-term. reNew Home will incorporate performance and efficiency into your project. Improvements related to moisture, draftiness, insulation, heating/cooling, and water efficiency are most effective and least costly when completed during initial construction or during a major renovation.

Many high performance designs specify smaller mechanical equipment or less material-intensive techniques, which can lower project costs.


HVAC Commissioning


Building codes require all new central heating and cooling systems to be tested for air tightness - leaky ducts waste energy, harm indoor air quality, and can cause moisture and safety problems. Unfortunately, these codes aren’t always enforced, especially when new systems are installed in existing homes.

Perfect for:

  • general contractor in need of code compliance documentation

  • homeowner who wants to make sure the job is done properly

  • HVAC contractor seeking quality assurance


Institutional Projects


If your firm or institution needs project management or implementation for projects related to building science or building performance, reNew Home offers scalable, turnkey solutions. Ideal for public utility programs, public and private institutions, and government agencies.

Our experience includes a wide range of activities related to:

  • providing program design

  • residential energy audits

  • compliance planning and inspection

  • workforce training

  • retrofits in bulk