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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the quickest and easiest action I can take today to improve my home’s energy consumption?

Every house is different, but the most common answers are:

  1. Replace all of your lighting with LED bulbs. It’s great to have an environmentally-friendly alternative to Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) bulbs, as well as energy-consuming incandescent. There’s a lot of great choices for warm or cooler lighting, they stay cool to the touch, and these bulbs can last for 5-10 years.

  2. Re-insulate your attic to current code levels or better. It is imperative that you seal drafty areas and fix the roof ventilation at the same time - these details are almost always missing or done wrong in houses built before 2012.


What does it mean to be an Energy Star Partner? (or similar)

Energy Star Partners are companies that have been trained and vetted to certify homes through the US Department of Energy ENERGY STAR program for new homes and gut remodels. Energy Star Partners are skilled in identifying the details that matter to energy, moisture, and air quality in a home and ensuring these details are installed correctly. Even if you don't want a certified home, working with an Energy Star Partner provides peace of mind knowing that the professional is highly skilled and properly trained.


When is the best time to get a Home Performance Assessment for our home?

The best time to have the largest and longest-lasting impact on your home’s performance is before construction or remodeling begins. A consultation with reNew Home during this time can bring to light inexpensive, but effective fixes or design changes that can be addressed before or during the work, but may be inaccessible, and much more expensive, afterward.


We just bought and installed a brand new furnace / heat pump / or windows for our home, but it didn’t fully improve the comfort level of our home. Do you know why?

Without inspecting your house, I can only speculate as to why specific improvements did not yield the desired result. Replacing your furnace, heat pump, or windows can make a huge difference, if those were the actual problems in the first place. While most homeowners and contractors believe that furnaces, water heaters, and windows are the most important areas to address to improve energy use and winter warmth, other factors like insulation, moisture, light bulbs, and behavior are typically more deficient and less expensive to address. If you’re looking for a whole-home improvement in performance and thermal comfort, it’s important to identify and prioritize all the factors, and every home is different. Windows may be the most important factor in one house, while the duct system might take priority in another.